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About    site map    contact us search   a service of the u. S. National library of medicine® home conditions genes chromosomes handbook glossary resources genetic conditions > familial hyperaldosteronism > educational resources - information pages these resources supplement the information in the genetics home reference condition summary on familial hyperaldosteronism. American association of endocrine surgeons: primary hyperaldosteronism orphanet: familial hyperaldosteronism type i university of dundee: primary hyperaldosteronism   reviewed: november 2010 published: october 8, 2012 lister hill national center for biomedical communications u. S. National library of medicine , national institutes of health department of health & human services , usa. Gov freedom of information act copyright privacy accessibility indicates a page outside genetics home reference. Links to web sites outside the federal government do not constitute an endorsement. See selection criteria for web links. This site complies with the honcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here.. T hi that is how i got my addisons. I developed severe sudden onset adult asthma in 1998. I was treated with high doses of prednisone on and off for a year. When i saw my wonderful endo he was sure that he could get me off the steriods and end the addisons. Now 12 years later it has not happened. I am a very compicated case and we tried for over 9 years to get me off but everytime i got to 5 mg i got sick or needed an operation or something interfered with the weaning. Now my base dose is 8 mg of pred and. 2 of florinef. Most secondaries are not on florinef but i am it is a long story and really helps me. If you have any other questions please let me know. I am the queen of weaning at least trying lol. Since then, my endo my husband and i have made the decision to stop trying to wean completely off the steriods. It was a hard decision but my body just could not handle it. There are cases of people who have been weaned off. If you go the the nadf web site and look in the archives type in weaning off steriods at www. Nadf. Us there probably is some info on it. How long have you been on them for the asthma? Reply oldest first newest first please sign in to reply don't have an inspire account? Join now! E-mail: password: forgot password? Keep me signed in checking this option will keep you signed in on this computer until you sign yourself out. Do not check this option if you are on a public computer. Things you can do start a discussion post a journal entry meet others like yo. cheapest viagra to buy cheap viagra sales cheap generic viagra cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription cheap generic viagra generic viagra online cheap generic viagra viagra for sale buy viagra in the united states lilly viagra price